How to Add Nurture Digital to Google Anayltics

Are you ready to give Nurture Digital access to your Google Analytics? Great! We’re ready to correct your setup and provide accurate data so you can make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to share your login details with us. Granting user access is the most secure way to share your data.

When you add your agency to Google Analytics, you need to give access at an account level, not a view level so your agency can see filters, property configurations, etc. 

Let’s get started.


How to Add Your Agency to Google Analytics


1. Sign in to Google Analytics.

2. Click Admin.


How to Add Your Agency to Google Analytics - Admin


3. From the Account tab, click Account Access Management.


4. In the Account Permissions list, click +, then click Add Users.


5. Under email addresses, add and make sure Notify New Users by Email is checked, then select permissions. We suggest selecting Edit, Collaborate and Read & Analyse.


6. Click 'Add'.


That’s it! Pretty easy right? Now the hard work for us begins and you can sit back and relax.