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Is 'Old-School' Email Marketing Really Dead?


You’ve probably heard the myths. Social media is replacing email. People don’t want to share their data online. Millennials don’t use email. Email marketing is dead.

Bull. Shit.

Nobody’s abandoning email. In spite of the rising popularity of social media, there are still more people using email than social media and folks still like to get emails in their inboxes. Email isn’t dead, and email marketing still remains the foremost cost-effective way to reach consumers today.

I mean, almost 99% of people check their emails on a daily basis.

That’s right, email is an integral a part of most people’s lives. There are over 5.5 billion email accounts in use worldwide and over half the users spend anywhere from 10minutes to an hour every day browsing marketing emails. And before you tell me that this is often dramatically different within the younger segments, try this:


There are literally more people using email than using social media. In fact, research says that 92% of adults who are online, use email while only 79% have a social media profile.


73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses via email.


Mobile opens accounted for 46 percent of all email opens and the younger demographic uses mobile vastly more than desktop.


Email is undoubtedly more efficient than social media - close to 90% of email gets delivered to the intended inbox, whereas only 2% of a company’s Facebook followers see the company’s posts in their news feeds.

So it goes without saying that if email itself isn’t dead, then neither is email marketing – especially when you're 6 times more likely to get clicks from an email than you are from a tweet or Facebook post. Which lines up with the fact that 72% of people opt to receive promotional content through email, compared to only 17% preferring social media. Plus, the DMA reports that email marketing drives more conversions (66%) than the other channel, including social media.

So no, email marketing isn't dead. But like everything, it's evolved and if you want to remain top of your game, you need to ditch these 3 bad habits


1. Impersonal subject lines:

Email marketing starts before readers even open the e-mail. Subject lines can make or break your open-rate. The biggest hurdle for any campaign, is creating content that the reader identifies with and in email marketing, this starts with the subject line. As a consumer, if I see an emoji in an email subject line, I immediately open it because to me, this shows that the sender made an effort to personalise the message. And personalising the message is what makes readers feel connected to what's being sold.


2. Not being mobile-friendly:

The world is mobile now. When I check my emails first-thing, last-thing and every time I’m away from my desk, I'm checking from my phone. And emails that are not mobile friendly get the boot fast. So emails that are not mobile-friendly are probably raising your bounce rate exponentially thanks to poor user experience because it’s just so easy to click delete on something that's unappealing. So always check the mobile previews in your email software before you push send.


3. Poor email design:

Emails lately have gotten pretty snazzy. From animations to GIFs to embedded videos, businesses are are stepping up their design game to drag the readers in. Now this doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands on funky software – you just need to look at the trends and get creative. Emails that are quick to load, are easy to read, have bold CTAs and colourful imagery typically perform the best.


This all means that email marketing is not only not dead, but that it’s as important a part of your marketing strategy as ever. You can reach many more (and more targeted) customers via email than through any other marketing channel.

Unlike some “flavour of the day” channels that have come and gone over the years, email consistently delivers quality results - on average it gives a $44 return for every dollar spent.

No wonder then that more than half of all marketers say email is still the channel that generates the best ROI for their companies.